Month: November 2016

OMG, RGB: A brief history of colour and the way we see it

  In the beginning, there was darkness well, the beginning of the day, that is. You wake up in the wee hours of the morning to find that every object in your bedroom is the same shade of black. It’s strange, too, because the last time you checked, your room was filled with a wide array of colours. Then, you strike a match, flip a light switch or maybe tap open your smartphone. Suddenly, the room takes on a different character, illuminated by the reddish glow of a flame, the yellow-white hue of a light bulb or the cool...

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The cult of the expert and how it collapsed | Sebastian Mallaby

The Long Read: Led by a class of omnipotent central bankers, experts have gained extraordinary political power. Will a populist backlash shatter their technocratic dream? On Tuesday 16 September 2008, early in the afternoon, a self-effacing professor with a neatly clipped beard sat with the president in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. Flanked by a square-shouldered banker who had recently run Goldman Sachs, the professor was there to tell the elected leader of the worlds most powerful country how to rescue its economy. Following the bankruptcy of one of the nations storied investment banks, a global insurance...

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Do you have to be a billionaire to get free Big Macs for life?

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates (and Rob Lowe) have a McDonalds gold card, Hugh Laurie has a Burger King crown card and Ed Sheeran has a Nandos black card. But good luck getting your hands on your own It must be strange being rich and famous: just when you can afford anything, everyone gives you stuff for free. So it is with the gifting suites that await the stars backstage at major awards shows; so it is with boots for footballers and first-class travel for chief executives. And, we now learn, so it is for Rob Lowe at selected...

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Student owns teacher with golden answer to a confusing test question

This student isn’t exactly wrong, but this definitely isn’t the answer the teacher was expecting. Redditor HouseHoldSheep was grading some math tests recently when he came across a smart ass answer to a generally confusing question. The best part is that you can see the student attempted to figure out the answer, then erased their work and went with this golden response, below. Image: HouseHoldSheep/Reddit “If a/b is the answer, what is the question?” The student decided to just write “please write a/b.” While that’s not a question, Redditors were quick to point out that the original test question...

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Bill Murray holds court with reporters in White House briefing room

Washington (CNN)Actor and comedian Bill Murray surprised the White House press corps Friday by making an unexpected appearance in the White House briefing room.   Murray, who came to the podium minutes after White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest wrapped up the official briefing, held court with reporters and discussed some lighter questions in the comedian’s signature deadpan style.   Murray at one point told the reporters that they could benefit from an “ice luge” in the press area rather than coffee. Murray told CNN that he was at the White House to receive the Mark Twain prize, an...

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