Month: March 2018

Cat flats: designing human apartments for feline friends

(CNN)Perched on a ledge in a Taipei apartment, Ge Ge — aka Elder Brother — looks satisfied as he surveys his new territory. His owner recently overhauled their 484 square foot (45 sqm) home in the Taiwanese capital to make Ge Ge and his sibling, Mei Mei — or Little Sister — feel more comfortable. Far from unusual, this is just one of many so-called “cat flats” springing up across Asia. In such properties, cat flaps are pass. Tiny arched doorways connecting rooms, shelves that serve as climbing frames and scratching surfaces doubling as decorative features are the norm....

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I’m 25 Years Old, And I’ve Never Been In Love

It was just the other day listening to Victoria’s* story on the roof of a Manhattan high-rise that I realized something I’d rather not have realized. I’ve never been in love. “I’m moving to Colorado,” Victoria said, smoking her cigarette and looking out at the skyline. “For a boy!” Mallory interjected. “No, not for a boy,” Victoria quickly corrected. “With a boy.” There was no job offer, no family trouble, no pressing reason pulling her away from New York — she just wanted to “find herself” elsewhere. And her boyfriend wanted to find himself too. With her. “For a...

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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Major Paranoia, Proves She’s Just Like Us

Jennifer Lawrence has crippling fears, just like you an I. The idea of celebrities having odd personality quirks is the only thing that grounds them. When you see some gorgeous celeb walking down a red carpet or gracing the front of a magazine, the great equalizer between the two of you is the fact you guys both probably have similar fears. You and Brad Pitt both probably hate spiders, Mondays and the idea of dying alone. Jennifer Lawrence is no exception to this rule. The Passengers star recently stopped by the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show with co-star...

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Musk Says SolarCity Deal About Synergy But It May Be About Debt

Elon Musks $2.86 billion bid for SolarCity Corp. may be as much about rescuing the company from swelling debt as creating a one-stop clean-energy powerhouse with Tesla Motors Inc. SolarCitys debt has ballooned 13-fold in the past three years to reach $3.25 billion, and its central to SolarCitys strategy: borrow funds for rooftop systems that are mostly leased to customers. Those decades-long contracts provide slow, steady payback, while the companys liabilities keep rising. That has put SolarCity on a path that analysts warn may be unsustainable, as financing costs increase. The company faces $1.23 billion in debt due by the...

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Adorable toddler copying Irish step dancer will make your day

So much coordination in this picture.Image: Ap / Sue Beyer LONDON Irish step dance looks challenging enough, never mind if you haven’t yet acquired your full physical faculties. Yet when 2-year-old Georgia spotted Irish dancer Emma O’Sullivan performing on a Galway, Ireland street, she boldly decided to partake. SEE ALSO: Toddler upstages professional dancers with his adorable skills Galway now Magazine captured a video of the cuteness that ensued and shared it to Facebook where it quickly went viral. You can watch it below: “We never expected her to be able to copy the dance so well and to be...

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