Image: apple

Apple announce that it will finally be releasing a home speaker to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home. A little late, but with Apple’s logo on it, it should become a permanent piece in the homes of Apple fans.

Mashable referred to the product as the “Siri-powered Amazon Echo killer,” but while the thing actually sounds pretty cool, there is one major issue with the home assistant that is not a problem for the Home or Echo.

No, it’s not the $349 price tag or that it’s powered by Siri it’s the design. The HomePod is covered in cloth mesh and looks like a very expensive cat scratcher, and as a cat owner, I can tell you that my pets would definitely try scratching one given the opportunity.

Given the fact that the HomePod has a $349 price tag, you can basically guarantee that cats will try to scratch it, because cats are jerks like that.

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