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Image caption The new Mr and Mrs Garnett arrived at their reception in a unique way

Newlyweds whose wedding car was involved in a crash on the way to their reception were escorted there instead by police.

Emmott and Georgia Garnett were married at Burnley’s register office on Saturday shortly before the collision.

Police were called to Colne Road at about 15:00 GMT and offered to take the bride and groom to their reception at Cafe Cargo in Foulridge.

Guests were “very shocked” to see the couple arrive in a police car.

The groom said he did not think the incident was a sign of things to come, joking: “It was certainly us to arrive in style.”

‘PC Pageboy’

The couple had just exchanged their vows when the chauffeur-driven vintage 1970s’ Rover was involved in a collision. Their ten-month-old son Arlo was also in the car.

Mr Garnett explained: “On the way, about three minutes after being married, someone crashed into our wedding car. We were stuck in the middle of Burnley town centre. The car wouldn’t move. We called the police and the officer offered to take us to the reception.

“It was a big shock to see everyone’s faces when we got out of a police car.”

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Image caption Mrs Garnett said the unusual arrival was “certainly us”

PC Pete Howarth, now nicknamed “PC Pageboy” by colleagues, said: “We tend to deal with people who are having a lot worse days so it was a refreshing change.

“It came in as a minor road traffic collision, so once that was dealt with we were left with a stranded bride and groom. We weren’t going to leave them at the side of the road and we were just pleased we were able to help.

“I managed to remove all the mouldy bananas and crisp wrappers out the back of the car before they got in it.”

Burnley and Padiham Police said on Facebook “not all heroes wear capes”, and congratulated the new Mr and Mrs Garnett on their marriage.

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