Im not really a Halloween person, but apparently, its a big deal for Kylie Jenner.

Shes actually a huge Halloween nerd.

Weve confirmed this because, well, all you have to do is take a look at the snaps from her elaborate Halloween dinner.

First of all, let me just show you how much Kylie is into Halloween.

She snapped this on Friday. Halloween isnt until Monday! Seriously. Nerd alert.

Heres the costume she wore to her dinner on the same night.

On Friday night, the 19-year-old and a bunch of friends sat down to a dead dinner.

Kylie threw on a gorgeous black gown that was, of course, slightly see-through. She also covered her face in white makeup and turned herself into a pretty fancy ghoul.

Tyga, her BF, also sported elaborate skeleton face makeup.

Hes unrecognizable. Theres no way to prove thats even him under all that makeup! Whoever did it, (maybe Kylie?), though, did a great job.

Heres what the actual dinner looked like. I personally would be too grossed out by these decorations to eat anything.

Oh, and Kendall showed up wearing this, but Im not sure what shes supposed to be.

Here was her contribution to the evening festivities.

Kyliesdinner was complete with spooky ass music, of course.

And shereally went all out with these creepy red lights.

OK, this is actually going to give me nightmares. Well done, Kylie.

Naturally, the Kreepy Jenner sat at the head of the table.

On the menu? Rotten tomato soup, potion pear salad, penne with creamy blood sauce and chocolate ice cream caskets. Wow.

The drinks were just as gross as the food.The party guests sipped on eyeball martinis and sucked margaritas from syringes.

Seems like a lot of effort to enjoy a martini.

I guess this is just how the other half does Halloween! Especially if youre way too into it like Kreepy Jenner over here.

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