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In the year that Ive been watching Grace and Amelia Mandeville, Ive become equally obsessed with their endearingly awkward vlogs as I have with the idea of raiding their enviable closets.

Grace, the oldest of the pair at 21 years old, is an actress, author, model, and disability rights activist. Amelia, 18, is an aspiring writer, obsessed with zombies, Green Day, and yoga. For every similarity (long brown hair, insatiable love of food, sense of humor, creative drive), the pair counterbalance with traits so opposite its a puzzle how they came from the same British family. While Grace loves to travel, Amelia prefers to stay at home for a duvet day, letting her spastic nature take her imagination around the world; as Grace dreams of a future in front of the camera presenting and acting, Amelia talks frequently in her videos about her obsession with writing a book.

Grace, Amelia, thank you for taking us along on your many adventures, and should you ever have a yard sale, please send an invite to NYC. Nothingand I mean nothingwould keep me from crossing the pond to seek your cozy sweater and overall advice.

Screengrab via Mandeville Sisters/YouTube

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