The latest trailer for July’s Ghostbusters reboot is here—and if you were worried about that infamous earlier teaser being short on plot (and, perhaps, light on A+ jokes), you’ll be glad to know that the new footage has more story, more humor, and a lot more bustin’.

“We have a gift,” notes Abby, played by Melissa McCarthy. “We see what no one else is willing to see.” She and her fellow spook-chasers (played by Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones) are the only New Yorkers equipped to take on a new wave of spectral menaces who are running amok in the city—and whose presence may or may not be harbingers of a new ghost apocalypse. It’s full-on panic in the streets, but the government won’t help the team, and some unseen baddie out there’s actually trying to make the phantom menace even worse (at one point, the team’s assistant, played by Chris Hemsworth, is possessed by a spirit, presumably one with a thing for Aussie hunks). This all leads, of course, to proton-packed showdowns with lots of out-of-towner ghosts (including a rampaging monster, rumored to be named Rowan, who might remind you of a certain Stay-Puft mascot). We’ll see how they fare when Ghostbusters opens July 15.

Pause at: 1:49, to see a bunch of evil-faced, hyper-colored hot-air ghosts attempt to chow down on our team.
Best Quote: “No one should have to encounter that kind of evil,” one guy phantom-splains to the team, “except you girls—I think you can handle it.”

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