There were a couple of local fishermen out off the coast of an island called Zhoushan in the eastern Zhejiang Province of China the other day when they discovered something a little unusual in their nets – an unknown creature!

So one of the guys got out his phone and started recording, because they had no idea what it could possibly be. After sharing it on social media and news organizations a few people ended up speaking out with some knowledge, and we finally know what our mystery beast is!

According to a Chinese Wildlife Magazine the creature is likely to be something from the beaked whale family; after that suggestion Dr. Stephen G. Simpson also agreed with the theory but further defined it, stating it was likely a Mesoplodon densirostris. Dr. Simpson is actually a lecturer at the University of Exeter in Marine Biology and Global Change, so I suspect he knows what he’s talking about with this one. It’s incredibly rare still to find one of those whales there, but I’m glad they let it go.

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