Let’s be real, we’re all 12 years old at heart, and the word “caucus” attains everyonesilently giggle. Don’t try to be above it. Accept it and embrace it, just like RAYGUN in Des Moines, Iowa does.

With the Iowa caucus happening on Monday, Des Moines is in a frenzy. Iowans have been inundated with telephone call, door-to-door campaign volunteers, mailings and ads on TV, billboards and the radio with all the candidates trying to ensure some votes.

That’s where RAYGUN comes in witha bit of comic relief.

The hipster-friendly apparel and accessories store in downtown Des Moines offers T-shirts, buttons and boxer briefs labeled with hilarious one-liners related to the caucus and the media circus that surrounds it.

Taylor Frame, the director of stores and inventory, told,

Every four years we pull out our caucus merch and we throw it up there.

This years been a little more interesting as they were so many candidates in the fields and such a wide range of personalities, we have been able to put up more sayings and more slogans.

Frame said the mottoes come out of conversations among the staff, in a collaborative effort.

RAYGUN has been open for about 10 years now, and it’s growing in popularity. Outside of the caucus, the store also has politically-themed merchandise, including funny shirts in support of same-sex matrimony and Planned Parenthood.

In the last week, store employees sawJamie Lee Curtis, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and newscaster Tom Brokaw.

Frame said,

We love it. Its a lot of fun — one, to come up with all the products and the showings and everything and then two, the whole process of people coming in the store, the media, campaign staffers, satisfying celebrities when they come in, that kind of thing.

Ichecked out the store to assure what ithad for this year’s caucus. It was chill.

The store has buttons, stickers, postcards and tees, among other goodies.

Frame said, “We always reached it really hard with the caucuses.” I’monly halfsure he didn’t mean that one as a euphemism.

Some of the productsare sillier than others.

It’s candidly a relief to be able to make “caucus” gags in a safe space.

There you have it.


Doesn’t it often feel this route?

It’s likely an actual transcript from a Fox News analyst’s head.

RAYGUN has something for everyone…

…especially if you’refeeling the Bern.

There’s a special emphasis on the mass of news people who descend on Des Moines to cover the caucus.( Um, this is awkward.* waves *)

It’s me. Sorry everybody.

It’s helpful to keepa sense of humor about past mistakes.

RAYGUN: Making Iowa laughagain.

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