(CNN)Perched on a ledge in a Taipei apartment, Ge Ge — aka Elder Brother — looks satisfied as he surveys his new territory.

His owner recently overhauled their 484 square foot (45 sqm) home in the Taiwanese capital to make Ge Ge and his sibling, Mei Mei — or Little Sister — feel more comfortable.
    Far from unusual, this is just one of many so-called “cat flats” springing up across Asia.
    In such properties, cat flaps are pass. Tiny arched doorways connecting rooms, shelves that serve as climbing frames and scratching surfaces doubling as decorative features are the norm.
    Home owner Andy Knight says the design team chose materials for the cat features that would keep the small space dry and free of unsavory smells.
    “For example, the cat litter box has been equipped with its own ventilation system that pulls smells out of the building,” he tells CNN.
    “The cat walks give them more places to go,” says Knight. “The cats spend a lot of time sleeping up there and looking down at us and friends as we use the apartment.”
    So was the extra hassle, and cost, of making the apartment cat friendly worth it?
    For Knight, absolutely.
    “A home is about everyone that lives in that space together, not just the people.”

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