Sometimes, it’s hard to break the ice on a dating app and figure out what to say first, especially on Bumble where it’s up to youto initiate conversation.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really are applied to making on humen. I don’t go up to them in bars and ask, So, are you from around here? And if you’re not are applied to doing it in real life, it’s hard to suddenlystart doing it on an app.

If you’re suffering from dater’s block and have no clues what to say while messaging, here are 10 openersto send to your Bumble match to get the conversation started.

1. We Did It!

This is a good way to start the conversation with positivity and enthusiasm. Plus, it makes matching with you seem like an accomplishment. You start things off positive and happy, andusing the term we sort ofalready establishes you guys as a team.


2. You’re So Cute 🙂

You like being told you’re attractive by someone you like, right?

Well, newsflash, guys like it, too. Additionally, he’s then essentially forced to compliment you back.

But when you are exchange compliments, make sure you move the conversation away from surface level things, or this kind of dynamic are to be able to move to only a hook-up zone( read: sexting ).

3. Where Have You Been!

After you send this one, he’ll probably say something like, Waiting for you!

On Bumble, if you say something as simple as hi, it’s easy to slip speedily into the friend zone and blur into the background of a thousand other hellos.

But if you start off with a little bit of flirtation, it’s a good way to distinguish yourself from the pack.

4. Does This Mean We’re Married Now?

Never leave me, ’cause I’ll find youuuuuu!

I’ve had guys say this to me, and I think it’s light and cute. It shows you have a good sense of humor and establishes a flirtatious dynamic, and becauseit’s a question, it warrants some sort of a response.

5. Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Me! How are you?

Starting off the conversation with a knock-knock joke is a foolproof style of getting a reply back, even if it might build you look a little bit dorky. But hey, dorky can be endearing, right?

6. Remark On Something In His Bio

Is his favorite food tacos? Tell him you like tacos, too.

I once matched with a guy who told me he liked to eat string cheese. I asked him if he strung it or eat it in full bites, because merely a sociopath would take bites out of string cheese. Now, we’re in love!

Just kidding, we’re not in love. But we’ve been on a few dates, and it was a good conversation starter.

7. Commentary On One Of His Pictures

Make sure you ask an open-ended question, like Is that your kid, or did you only steal him to seem cute?

You could also comment on an activity you both like to do: I see you like hiking! Me too.

Or, you can just say, Picture number three is my favourite, and perhaps he’ll ask you why.

8. Send Him A Deal Breaker

Universal Pictures

Don’t send real ones, like I definitely want kids, and if you don’t want them, don’t even think of responding.

Instead, go with something along the linesof Do you like pineapples on your pizza? Because if you do, this will never work.

It’ll potentially lead to a fun, lively debate that you two can continue in person.

9. Message Him A CuteGIF

It’s never a bad notion to preferred a GIFof a puppy. I entail, who would turn away a message that included a picture of a puppy?

10. Ask Him Why HeSwiped Right On You

Because we all want to know anyway, right?

Most likely, he will answer earnestly and authentically, and that will set the tone for an authentic, complimentary dialogue, where you can begin talking about what attracted you to one another.

That will immediately elevate the conversation from something friendly to romantic, whichwill probably help you lock in a date ASAP.

So next time you’re figuring out how to start a conversation with that guy on Bumble, why not try out one of these openers? Let me know how it goes in the comments.

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