When you getmarried, your bridal party doublesas your wedding warriors, makingsure you have everything you need to feel stress-free and excited about enjoying yourself on your big day.

They are the people who have your back and stand by your side literally as you figure out how to plan the wedding of your dreams, on the budget of your nightmare.

They are your party-starters, late-night therapists and overall peacekeepers of the entire wedding adventure.

Why Being A Bridesmaid Is Harder Than It Looks [Gen whY]

But what happens if one or two of your bridesmaids decide they have had enough with you, your wedding and maybe even your list of bridal party demands?

While you might never expect your gal pal crew to turn on you, theres a chance they will, and it wont be pretty.

Just check out what these eight bridesmaids had to say about why they tried to sabotage the brides wedding day:

1. I had a crush on the groom.

It sounds super immature, but I ended up developing this big crush on the groom a month before the wedding, and I thought he was into me as well he flirted back and we were texting nonstop.

A week before the wedding, when I mentioned to him that something was up between us and that maybe he should call off the wedding, he freaked out. He tried to tell me that he was just being friendly and that I shouldnt say anything to the bride about this.

He admitted to me, through a text message, that he did have some feelings for me, but it didnt matter. On the day of the wedding, I tried to make the bride late to the ceremony, hoping the groom would think she had cold feet, and hed finally call it all off.

It was stupid. In the end, they got married, and I never spoke to either of them ever again.

Lacey C., 26

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