Trevor Noah is back!

The Comedy Central sun took a brief snap from hosting The Daily Show on Wednesday after undergoing an emergency appendectomy.

The network aired a rerun of the satire serial while the comedian recovered.

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But on Thursday, the 31 -year-old took to Twitter to update followers on his problem, and tell the popular program’s faithful admirers know that he’ll be returning to that night’s show.

He wrote 😛 TAGEND

We’re sad that the amusing male still isn’t one-hundred percentage better, but we’re actually counteracted that he find well enough after the frightening surgery to go back on the air!

When news first burst that the late-night personality was hospitalized, Jimmy Fallon applied the status-sharing website to wish Trevor well, and joked about his own recent injuries, saying 😛 TAGEND

The South Africa native supported he had a good sense of humor about the procedure, quipping back 😛 TAGEND


We’re so glad that Trevor is bouncing back! We hope he’s be permitted to stand again soon!

[ Image via Trevor Noah/ Instagram .]

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