1. Brass Ligher: $14.17.

For the wannabe gangster.

2. Gilded Thermos: $19.99.

For the friend who has champagne tastes, but can’t afford Mot.

3. Hello Kitty Shot Glasses: $18.99.

For literally any friend with a drinking habit and respect for Japanese royalty.

4. Gold Rolling Papers: $13.79.

For the sophisticated stoner (real 24 karat gold y’all, believe it or not).

5. Hella Cute Hoops: $13.

For the girl who’s been asking for them.

6. Flask Gift Set: $17.87.

For the bougie man’s man in your life (complete with two fancy stainless steel shot glasses and a funnel).

7. Pothead’s Mug: $11.99.

For the coffee addict with a sense of humor (and a blunt always lit).

8. Wine Lover’s Phone Case: $10.99.

For the wino who also loves her phone. So, for every woman you know.

9. Lavender Pillow Spray: $8.27.

For the friend who always needs a good night’s sleep.

10. Stress Relief Candle: $18.49.

A little aromatherapy for the friend who needs to chill the fuck out.

11. Fuzzy Socks: $11.99

For the friend who doesn’t have them, but desperately needs them.

12. Carhartt Beanie: $7ish.

For the friend whose wardrobe is lacking this classic, construction worker’s staple.

13. Copper Christmas Lights: $17.99.

A fancy take on classic dorm room decor, for the friend whose spot could use some pizazz.

14. An Educational Ass Read: $9.54.

A fantastic book for the under-stimulated millennial mind.

15. Whiskey Stones: $17.92.

For the all American hero with a mild drinking problem.

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