Sarah Graley is the British illustrator behind the adorably geeky Our Super Adventure comics. Based in Birmingham, Graley lives with her four cats (Pesto, Toby, Pixel and Wilson) and “one cat-like boy,” otherwise known as Stef, her boyfriend. And as you can see from her work, her quintet of housemates seem to provide her with infinite material for her sweet and quirky comics.

“I really love telling stories of the goofy things me and my partner get up to, and drawing – so it made sense to combine the two and start drawing diary comics!” Sarah told Bored Panda. “It’s been such a nice way to document mine and Stef’s relationship over the years.”She works from a studio at home where she has a room dedicated solely to making comics. “It was always a dream of mine growing up,” she says. “I love it! And working from home is great because I get to hang out with my cats all day.”

Scroll down for a sample of her wonderfully whimsical work. You can also catch Sarah at various UK comic conventions, the details of which can be found on her website.

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