This incredibly serene video features the most chill cat imaginable, Shiro, and his son Kuro. The two are enjoying a relaxing day outside on the roof of a car. But they’re not alone…

A tiny frog appears to have found the perfect sunbathing spot — on Shiro’s paw.

The three friends seem like they’re feeling oneness with the universe, and so will you after watching this.

If that wasn’t Zen enough for you, then how about a video of Shiro chillaxing with the same frog on his head?

The next time you’re at a yoga class and the instructor asks you to take a moment to clear your mind for some peaceful meditation, instead of focusing on that cheap tabletop water fountain from Target, I want you to think about Shiro. You’ll instantly become one with the universe around you.

Namaste, Zen Master Shiro. Thank you for all you have shown us.

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