Horrifying footage, captured in India, shows the sinister moment a large Common Indian Krait regurgitates another live snake. The clip, plucked straight from your worst nightmare, has unsurprisingly gone viral with people across the globe shocked by the gory scenes.

It is a visual representation of what happens when your “eyes are bigger than your stomach”, as the venomous snake coughs up the much larger green vine snake, leaving onlookers stunned… The footage, which was captured on a dairy farm in Kerala, India, does not make for easy viewing. It is clear, as soon as the cameras start rolling, that the engorged snake is in trouble. Sure enough, the stricken snake begins to writhe around on the ground as an unidentified object begins to emerge from its mouth… The creature crunches itself in half as it attempts to push the massive snake it had swallowed earlier from its mouth. Then, just like projectile vomiting after a big night out on the town, the swallowed snake emerges, tail first and lifeless…. The snake spews out a trail of sickly green scales, as the extremely poisonous Green Vine snake emerges, concertinaed, crumpled, and barely alive. Sujith Wayanad, a volunteer snake rescuer, was on hand to witness the bizarre moment after he was called to the farm by workers who had spotted the venomous snake. Wayanad attended the scene to remove the creature, but upon arrival, found it to be swollen and stricken. “I noticed that its body structure was curvy and understood that it has eaten a much larger snake than itself,” he said.   Once the two snakes had been fully separated, Wayanad opted to measure them both: “On measuring the length of both the snakes, it was found that while the Green Vine Snake was 140 centimetres long, the Common Indian Krait was just 100 centimetres long.” Which may help to explain why the Krait was experiencing such difficulties in digesting his snack! Whilst the Green Vine Snake did exit the Krait alive, it only survived for a few hours after being coughed back up. Meanwhile, the Krait was released back into the wild, where it shall slither on to find its next prey. It is no surprise that the Krait had swallowed its prey whole, for that is how snakes digest. The reptiles will then break down its meal with its muscles, a process that can take several days depending on the size of the object they choose to snack on. However, it is unusual to see these rare wildlife moments caught on camera. The Krait would likely have contently digested the other snake had it been left to its own devices. However, feeling threatened by the environment, it chose to regurgitate it in order to help save itself. Larger snakes such as pythons and anacondas can often be caught on camera munching on deer, cows and other large animals, but watching a snake consume another snake is quite bizarre. However, one moral from this story is that you never can trust a snake. Taylor Swift has been trying to teach us that for years and now this snake on snake action has given us all the proof we need.

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