1. ” Justin Bieber. I “re making fun” of her for listening to him all the time, but goddamn it if his recent stuff isn’t catchy .”

2. ” Taco Bell. My bride is super health conscious and works to ensure that I’m watching my junk food uptake( congestive heart failure moves in my family ). But I cannot resist. Compensate in money, and she’ll never know .”

3. ” Chick flicks. I complain every time she asks to watch one on Netflix, but generally I can get a blow chore subsequentlies for has become a good athletic. She doesn’t need to know that I’ve actually really wanted to see that movie extremely .”

4. ” Ugh I speak those steamy romance novels. They’re so cheesy and I can rarely get through one without giggling out loud or reeling my seeings, but dammit I can’t help myself. I speak them on my Kindle, so whenever he sees me speak, he reputes I’m reading some classic tale, but certainly I’m reading about some sexy Scot taking a virgin on a bale of forage. It’s horrible/ stunning .”

5. ” I don’t preserve that kind of situation from my boyfriend? Secrets are really toxic for a relationship, so I don’t impede any if I don’t have to .”

6. ” Bubble bathssssssss! She recollects baths are gross, so I only take them when she’s at work or out of municipality. I don’t care if I’m sitting in my own slime, they’re f* cking loosening .”

7. ” I watch whenever I’m alone at the suite. We’re both film majors, so I know that he would be seriously to turn if he knew that I watched that instead of like, for the thousandth duration .”

8. ” Her friend. Oops .”

9. ” Men with accents. One of my exes is British and I know that my boyfriend gets really insecure when I mention him, so if I mention that accents( and British one’s in particular) seriously move me on, I know that it will start an arguing. I’ll just listen to YouTube videos of Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Firth when he’s not around .”

10. ” Hentai. On one of our first times, she mentioned how bizarre she thought it was, and I haven’t been able to bring up how much I enjoy it. Will most likely never tell her .”

11. ” I steal stuff from hotels all. the. hour. My boyfriend’s daddy is a policeman, so he was raised to be really against everything like that, so I know that he would detest knowing this. I don’t steal from anywhere else, but there’s something about a inn room that’s so … persuasion .”

12. ” Celebrity tabloids. We’re tight on money, so if he knew that I burn the occasional dollar on those, he would throw. They’re just so addicting .”

13. ” Hot Cheetos. He knows that I like them, but he has no plan how hooked I am. They’re my kryptonite .”

14. ” I don’t feel guilty about any of the things I enjoy? I LIKE TLC SHOWS AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT .”

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