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Some jobs intrinsically have more health risks than others.

A cabin crew carrying out activities in close quarters with passengers is more likely to catch communicable diseases than a solicitor working in an office, for example. Cause in the greater exposure to cosmic radiation, abnormal sleep motifs, and a less-than-clean work environment, and it’s precisely not the healthiest job.

To rank the most undesirable jobs in America, we squandered data regarding the Occupational Information Network, a US Department of Labor database full of detailed information on occupations.

In order to analyze errands by their impact on workers’ state, we made O* NET measures of six health risks in each of the 974 occupancies in the database: show to contaminants; exposure to disease and infection; exposure to hazardous preconditions; show to radiation; likelihood of minor scorches, trims, pierces, and bites; and time spent sitting, since learns show that frequent inactivity decreases your lifespan. O* NET tallies these factors on a proportion from 0 to 100, with a higher orchestrate marking an ever increasing health risk.

Read on to find out which activities have the most potential to injure your health.

46( tie ). Mining roof bolters REUTERS/ Kacper Pempel

Roof bolters control equipment to lay help bolts in underground mines.

Median annual salary: $58,450

Overall unhealthiness orchestrate: 51.3

Top three health risks 😛 TAGEND

1. Exposure to contaminants: 972. Showing to hazardous surroundings: 863. Threat of minor blazes, gashes, chews, and bites: 85

46( tie ). Chemical equipment motorists and tenders PEO ACWA/ flickr

Chemical equipment motorists and tenders pass paraphernalium to mastery chemical reaction in the processing of industrial or consumer products.

Median annual salary: $47,800

Overall unhealthiness tally: 51.3

Top three health risks 😛 TAGEND

1. Show to contaminants: 922. Revelation to hazardous preconditions: 893. Danger of minor scorches, slice, bites, and stingings: 64

44( tie ). Respiratory therapists David McNew/ Getty Images

Respiratory healers assess, discus, and care for cases with wheezing disorders.

Median annual salary: $59,710

Overall unhealthiness tally: 51.8

Top three health risks 😛 TAGEND

1. Exposure to disease and illness: 982. Showing to contaminants: 693. Show to radiation: 55

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