Google launched some of the brand-new features in the next account of Android at its developer meeting. One aspect looked particularly familiar. Android P will get brand-new sailing gesticulates to swap between apps. And it works just like the iPhone X.

“As part of Android P, we’re feeing a brand-new organisation navigation that we’ve been working on for more than a year now, ” VP of Android Engineering Dave Burke supposed. “And the new design concludes Android multitasking more approachable and easier to understand.”

While Google has probably been working on a brand-new multitasking screen for a year, it’s hard to believe that the company didn’t photocopy Apple. The iPhone X was launched in September 2017.

On Android P, the traditional dwelling, back and multitasking buttons are moved. There’s a single pill-shaped button at the center of the screen. If you swipe up from this button, you get a new multitasking consider with your recently completed apps. You can swipe left and right and select the app you’re looking for.

If you swipe up one more time, you get the app drawer with suggested apps at the very top. At any time, you can tap on the button to go back to the home screen. These gestures likewise make when you’re exerting an app. Android P contributes a back button in the bottom left angle if you’re in an app.

But the most shameless inspiration is the left and right gesticulates. If you swipe left and right on the pill-shaped button, you can switch to the next app, accurately like on the iPhone X. You can scrub through various apps. As soon as you exhaust your paw, you’ll prance to the selected app.

You are able to obtain Android P beta for a handful of machines starting today. Point customers will get the brand-new form in the coming months.

It’s hard to blame Google with this one as the iPhone X gesticulates are fantastically luxurious and efficient — and yes, it looks a lot like the Palm Pre. Use telephone calls “whos running” the current edition of Android after exercising the iPhone X is much slower as it requires numerous taps to switch to the most recent app.

Apple moved the needle and it’s clear that everything smartphones should work like the iPhone X. But Google still deserves to be called out.

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