Month: June 2018


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HE’S RUNNING? No big deal, just James Comey posting a goofy photo from Iowa

Since there’s one thing everybody on Government Twitter considers when you view someone in Iowa, “He’s running, ” no doubt 😛 TAGEND I scarcely gnome. PERd5PE 2qM — James Comey (@ Comey) June 15, 2018 Ames, Iowa, to be…

Master Dealmaker: Donald Trump Negotiated With Kim Jong-Un To End The U.S.’s Nuclear Weapons Program In Exchange For Reduced Sanctions On North Korea  

It seems as if Donald Trump’s brash, changeable coming to foreign finesse is finally paying off in a big space, as the president exactly successfully reached a deal with Kim Jong-un to point the U.S.’s nuclear weapons program in exchange…