HE’S RUNNING? No big deal, just James Comey posting a goofy photo from Iowa

Since there’s one thing everybody on Government Twitter considers when you view someone in Iowa, “He’s running, ” no doubt 😛 TAGEND

I scarcely gnome. pic.twitter.com/ PERd5PE 2qM

— James Comey (@ Comey) June 15, 2018

Ames, Iowa, to be specific 😛 TAGEND

Jim Comey in Ames, Iowa with a pun about a gnome.

( Comey has Iowa relatives .) https :// t.co/ cfG6daHCoQ

— Rachel Stassen-Berger (@ RachelSB) June 15, 2018

This gnome’s name is “Elwood” and he’s located along Reiman Plot 😛 TAGEND

This is a photo of James Comey with Elwood, the world’s largest concrete gnome. It’s at @ReimanGardensIA at @IowaStateU. Trust me, I’m an expert on this( https :// t.co/ lqlpcMxzKi ).

Comey in Iowa … what’s that happen @daveweigel always suggests? https :// t.co/ 5Yu8fMdoiR

— Jessie Opoien (@ jessieopie) June 15, 2018

And if he’s not passing, what an quirky photo to announce 😛 TAGEND

he’s only such … he’s such a bulge. https :// t.co/ mowTctcQEs

— T. Becket Adams (@ BecketAdams) June 15, 2018

Even his pun is bad as “James Gnomey” is at least amusing 😛 TAGEND

You could have just said “James Gnomey” and called it a date, but gnome, you had to do this. https :// t.co/ V7bO8WmwrL

— Emily Tamkin (@ emilyctamkin) June 15, 2018

Hey, what else does he have to do after yesterday’s IG report?

Comey living his best life after that IG report https :// t.co/ 3ezBLwY1Xw

— Siraj Hashmi (@ SirajAHashmi) June 15, 2018

And he should do this 😛 TAGEND

delete this https :// t.co/ FAkDI9wf 7Q

— Daniel Bentley (@ DJBentley) June 15, 2018


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