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Ukoliko vam je ponestalo ideja, poslu ite se ovim kriterijumom.
Ovan voli poklone! Sve uzbudljivo, areno i zabavno učiniće Ovna srećnim. Vole iznenađenja iako su individualci koji vole dokazivati svoju superiornost, jedinstvenost i isključivost. Ovnu treba funkcionalan poklon, zato mu odaberite neku “modernu tehnologiju”, kompas ili navigaciju. Omiljeni cvet Ovna je georgina, a najdra a boja mu je crvena!
Bik voli luksuzne, senzualne i praktične poklone. Bik voli udobnost, kvalitet i funkcionalnost.
Prilikom odabira poklona za Blizance, obratite pa nju na njihovu ličnost. Blizanci vole humor i inteligentne poklone zato mu poklonite neki strip, duhoviti poklon paket, dobru knjigu, mobilni telefon, fotoaparat ili kameru. Omiljeni cvetovi Blizanaca su karanfili, gladiole, mimoze i ljubičice jer ovi cvetovi otkrivaju njihov karakter.
Rak zna ceniti poklon, ali jo vi e nje poklanja načinu na koji ga je primio. Ovo je emotivan znak i njegov karakter je vođen osećajima. Rak voli udobnost i eleganciju, look kolekcionarske stvari će pobuditi njegovo interesovanje. Omiljeno cveće Raka su perunike, bele ru e, ljiljani, suncokreti i visibabe.
Lav obo ava poklone i celi proces poklanjanja koji mora biti spektakularan. Lavovi su materijalisti i vole luksuzne poklone poput skupih i dizajnerskih stvari, zlata i skupog nakita i sve to je zlatne, ute ili narančaste boje. Najdra e cveće Lava su hrizanteme, mimoze, ute ru e i karanfili.
Devica je praktična du a koja voli sve da analizira. Te ke je naravi i ponekada voli da izaziva nevolje! No, Devica ima i svoju blagu i stidljivu stranu a vi e od svega ceni praktičnost. Devici mo ete pokloniti funkcionalne poklone, ne to od moderne tehnologije ili zanimljivu knjigu. Najdra e cveće: mimoze, karanfili, ru e, ljubičice i zvončići.
Voli poklone u to većoj količini!

korpija je mističan i pomalo kontradiktoran znak. Voli da dobija poklone, a neretko i sam sebe obraduje nekom sitnicom. Voli bezrazlo no primati poklone, pogotovo one koji imaju seksualnu funkciju. Najbolji poklon za korpiju je ne to iz seksi opa. Njegovo najdra e cveće su perunike, ljiljani, bele ru e i kaktusi.
Strelac voli avanture i putovanja. Iznad svega vole svoju slobodu, a najmanje voli monotoniju.
Jarac voli praktičnost. Najbolji poklon za Jarca je egzotični predmet koji ima simboliku.

Kompijuter, fotografije, sportski rekviziti su idealni pokloni za Vodoliju.
The way he came back really did not inspire much self-confidence that he ‘d learned anything during his time in the wilderness, it was still possible, if you leaned method back and squinted, to guess that his choice to return without any type of excitement was a blunder– Slate’s Christina Cauterucci left open the possibility that it was an” foolhardy toe dipped in water as well boiling warm for swimming “– as well as that whatever missteps C.K. had actually made in returning to the public eye the method he did, he was truly involved in an effort to wrestle with what he ‘d done. Bootleg audio from one of his shows– it’s classified as being from Long Island comedy club Governor’s on Dec. 16– has been posted to YouTube, providing those of us who weren’t fortunate sufficient to be in the target market for a surprise Louis C.K. look an opportunity to hear what he’s been up to. Whatever you assume regarding C.K.’s previous usage of slurs in his act, his old product at least made some effort to think concerning what they indicated.
“You mean I’m healed?”
“No, never. We simply don’t call you that, ’cause it’s a dreadful thing to call somebody.”
“But you called me that with–“
“Yes, yet not anymore, due to the fact that we should not.”
You might assume that last line was C.K., in a rare moment of self-awareness, making a joke at his own expenditure–“I’m committing occupation suicide here, let’s simply go all the method”– however no, he truly had actually prepared a number of jokes concerning race as well as penis dimension, including a captivating area about Asian men that is much less standup comedy than something a racist drunk at a bar would certainly hiss secs before obtaining punched in the face. For Louis C.K. to write and tell those jokes would certainly require an awesome, Kevin Spacey– level lack of self-awareness, and there was a time that self-awareness was C.K.’s brand name. Comic Louis C.K. deals with new reaction this morning after a taped performance was leaked, revealing him mocking survivors of the Parkland institution shooting and also joking regarding sex identification.
The audio allegedly was taped 2 weeks earlier during a stand-up regimen at the Governor’s Comedy Club on New York’s Long Island, reports correspondent Jamie Yuccas. Comedian Louis C.K. in 2013. Reuters/Eric Thayer
Louis C.K., who developed a job on shock wit, informing crude and also typically dark jokes, started that established by saying he lost $35 million in eventually following the sex-related misbehavior accusations against him. He after that went on to tell several controversial jokes to an area of barking giggling.
The newly-leaked audio from his current stand-up program has some on social media outraged.
“I enjoyed New York for 20 years, now I prefer to be in Auschwitz. Honestly, I would certainly.”
Throughout the December 16 collection, C.K. teases gender identity and also non-binary individuals.
“They inform you what to call them– ‘You ought to address me as they, them, since I recognize as gender neutral.’ Oh all right, all right. ‘You should resolve me as there, since I determine as a place, and the place is your mother’s c ***.'”
C.K. then showed up to mock the sufferers of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Seventeen people died because attack. Several of the survivors have become vocal advocates for stricter gun control.
“You’re not fascinating since you mosted likely to a senior high school where children got shot. Why does that mean I need to pay attention to you? Exactly how does that make you intriguing? You really did not get shot, you pushed some fat kid in the method!”
In 2015, C.K. was contributed to the listing of celebrity men implicated of sexual misconduct in the Me Too era. 5 women came onward with accusations versus him, that included that he masturbated in front of them as well as continuously asked one lady to watch. C.K. confessed the claims held true, and also said sorry.
At the time, he claimed he would be tipping back and taking a long time to listen. Much less than a year later on, he was back on stage.
Audio from C.K.’s newest set promptly drew reaction.
A Parkland alum tweeted: “17 individuals passed away at my senior high school, my friend’s brother viewed his buddies pass away in front of him. [Curse] you Louis.”
An additional Twitter user created, “I’m so ashamed that I utilized to assume he was amusing. This isn’t also increasing down. He simply went full-on monster.”
Throughout his stand-up collection, he claimed he didn’t care if his jokes were as well crude due to the fact that his life, he claims, is over.
C.K. did not immediately react to “CBS This Morning”‘s request for remark.
It is unclear that videotaped and leaked the audio. © 2018 CBS Interactive Inc.