Accenture Announces Passing of Former Chairman and CEO Pierre Nanterme NEW YORK; Jan. 31, 2019– With excellent sadness, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) reveals that Pierre Nanterme, former chairman and also CEO of Accenture, passed away today. Over the course of his 36-year occupation at Accenture, Nanterme played essential roles in driving the company’s development. Regarding Accenture is a leading global professional services company, offering a wide array of services as well as solutions in technique, consulting, digital, innovation and also operations.
Anguish loves company at any type of business. Below are 27 relatable tweets concerning the struggle to deal with other individuals.
1 I have a coworker that calls her computer system The Machine.
“I can’t obtain The Machine to discover what I’m trying to find.”
— Flyin’ Brian J (@FlyinBrianJ) January 15, 2019 2 Office decorum: Don’t whistle or sing along to the radio and also I won’t toss a stapler at your head.
— L(assitude) (@lmwortho) April 4, 2017 3 There’s a guy consuming in the workplace washroom, which is cool due to the fact that I really did not need to eat today or any day for the remainder of my life.
— Spencer Robinson (@ 13spencer) October 10, 2014 4 The hardest part concerning going to a new job is not entering arguments. A coworker will resemble “im a flat-earther” and you simply have to be like “awesome so just how was ur weekend”
— Kody Audette (@kodeeezzzy) January 28, 2019 5 I’m in a Cold War with some unfamiliar person in my office washroom over that can sit longest in a delay awaiting the other individual to leave so they can ultimately shit. I detest her, yet dammit I appreciate her.
— maggie weigh (@infinitesimull) October 12, 2018 6 What is the contact number to call if you have a colleague who keeps singing the infant shark tune?
(It’s @AnthonyNBC12 )
— Andrew Freiden (@AndrewNBC12) January 25, 2019 7 Hell is having to be around a colleague that has the opposite funny bone as you while he shows you shitty memes for 5 hours. I remain in hell
— Cameron (@Cameron_H93) January 26, 2019 8 Bro, I was in the restroom at the office and also one of my white colleagues is available in and states “that MLK sure was something.”
— D’Angelo Russell Stan Account (@DevinFromThe7) January 21, 2019 9 When a colleague asked me to shut for her bc she took nyquil & i concurred, convinced she was concerning to pass out anytime, yet after that she went out that night and also had the nerve to chat about it the next day
— Audrey Mannerberg (@AudMannerberg) January 28, 2019 10 The hierarchy of jerk-ish work environment habits is as adheres to …
1. Swiping someone’s lunch
2. Taking the last of the coffee and also not making a new pot
3. Not resetting the timer on the microwave
If you do any one of these points I wish you drop running full rate.
— CoreyRadio (@CoreyRadio) January 29, 2019 11 I have a colleague that might not understand just how email works since every time he sends me one he quickly obtains up, strolls the 15 lawns from his office to mine, as well as claims “I sent you an e-mail.” He tells me what the email he sent me claims.
— Melissa Mann (@PhantomRat) January 29, 2019 12 If I walk right into the washroom at the office one even more time to a colleague taking selfies or boomerangs in the mirror, I’m stopping my work.
— Jennifer Bennett (@Jenn ferr) January 29, 2019 13 It’s 8:28 am, a crisp 32 ° and also I simply paid attention to a coworker information her dogs sluggish death after obtaining struck by an auto
Pleased Wednesday let’s obtain this retirement
— erinnn (@bigEzzle) January 30, 2019 14 There is no higher heck in this globe than when a colleague acknowledges your footwear under the shower room stall & strikes up a discussion.
— Dan Aaron King (@DanAaronKing) January 23, 2019 15 Overheard a coworker with a stale nose say “Do you like creamy cheeses?” as well as I quickly handed in my resignation.
— matt prindle (@GriefBison) January 25, 2019 16 Office etiquette concern: individual close to me has actually been smelling frequently for an hour. Do I supply a cells? Or simply simmer till home time?
— Jen Crothers (@jenofcroths) December 1, 2016 17 An excellent invisalign commercial would be me annoyingly brushing my teeth/flossing in an office restroom while in a neighboring delay a man who is totally out of breath takes a shit.
— ZacOyama (@ZacOyama) June 6, 2018 18 You can not swipe left on a colleague’s face regardless of just how bothersome they are.
— Jurisdoc (@jurisdoc741) January 27, 2019 19 all company onboarding ought to include a sector about open-office rules
“do you take a loud & extensive skype conference at your workdesk N/N”
— ntaylour (@dijkstracula) June 3, 2016 20 my colleague is sitting at her workdesk eating does of honey from a jar. she claimed to me “mmm this is the most effective honey I’ve had in some time” however I decline to engage
— khal ponyo (@jessica) January 25, 2019 21 it’s 10:45 am and also my coworker has actually been speaking to me about the dumbass pyramid scheme he’s in for 2 hours directly trying to obtain me to sign up with
— t pet (@jetpaaack) January 29, 2019 22 some person was taking a spunk in the washroom at the office and dropped his phone in the bathroom as well as shouted “GOD DAMNIT RIGHT IN THE SHIT” i’m so performed with today lmao
— vincentmanuel (@vincentmanuel_) January 23, 2019 23 my colleague: greetings!
me w airpods in:
— alexa (@playnikes) January 22, 2019 24 Just saw either a bit of corn or a tooth resting in the office washroom sink. In any case I do not really feel wonderful concerning it.
— Joanna Borns (@robotics) August 30, 2017 25 people that take their open beverages right into the office bathroom with them: why
— sara david (@SaraQDavid) August 15, 2018 26 Open workplace etiquette:
1. never ever speak up loud, ever before
— ⣝ ⣵ ⡎ ⣵ ⢗ ⣿ ⣫ ⢗ ⡎ ⣵ (@zarawesome) January 21, 2019 27 Worst coworker is “Let me tell you about my weekend break on Monday early morning” colleague
MSNBC By Steve Benen Some of the nation’s top officials on nationwide safety and security– including the Director of National Intelligence, and also the heads of the FBI as well as the CIA– affirmed before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, and shared rather sensible observations on a lot of the United States’ most serious risks. For the White House, those assessments were completely at chances with practically every little thing Donald Trump has actually said on the very same subjects.

The leading U.S. officials contradicted Trump on ISIS. And border safety and security. And Russian political election disturbance.
There was one more problem that might have been lost in the shuffle yesterday, which Yahoo News highlighted.
In testimony prior to the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats cautioned that environment modification stays a national safety danger.
“Global environmental as well as eco-friendly degradation, along with climate change, are likely to fuel competitors for sources, economic distress, as well as social discontent with 2019 and past,” Coats claimed in the U.S. Intelligence Community’s yearly “Worldwide Threat Assessment” report. “Climate risks such as severe weather, higher temperature levels, droughts, floods, wildfires, storms, water level rise, dirt deterioration, and acidifying seas are heightening, endangering water, health, and also infrastructure and food protection.
Coats added: “Extreme climate occasions, lots of intensified by speeding up sea degree surge, will particularly affect city seaside areas in South Asia, Southeast Asia, as well as the Western Hemisphere. Damage to transportation, communication, and power framework might impact low-lying army bases, bring upon financial expenses, and create human variation and death.”
This comes simply 2 weeks after Trump’s Defense Department issued an associated report, keeping in mind that climate change is a worldwide protection risk.
Every one of which offers as an important tip: the head of state isn’t simply disregarding researchers and also relevant plan specialists; he’s likewise disregarding his own administration.
Without a doubt, just this week, Donald Trump, who once said the environment dilemma was a hoax created by the Chinese, admired cold temperature levels throughout the Midwest, convinced that the cold weather is evidence of … something.
“What the hell is going on with Global Waming?” the American head of state wrote. “Please return quickly, we require you!”
Yes, he called it international “waming.” Perhaps it was a typo, perhaps Trump’s funny bone is illegible.
If the profoundly baffled Republican desires to understand what’s “going on” with the ongoing environmental disaster, he evidently need just reach out to top authorities in his own administration.
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