Happy bingeing!

How are we all doing, everybody? Not great? Same here, pal! The good news is it’s Friday, so at least we have the weekend to look forward to.

Just kidding, weekends don’t exist anymore because every single day since March has been exactly the same.

Since we’re still stuck in lockdown mode, we can’t exactly hit the town this Saturday night. (Well, I mean, you could, but you should not, because some of us actually want this to be over someday.) So you know what that means — it’s Netflix time, babyyyyyy! You’re probably thinking, “Sloane, you fool, you absolute FOOL. We’ve been quarantining for almost six months, I have seen all there is to see on Netflix. There is nothing there for me anymore.” And to that I say, you are wrong! (Probably.) Why? Well.

Netflix has been keeping things from you.

There are over 6,000 titles on U.S. Netflix, and in order to access a lot of them, you actually need a code. To make navigating easier, Netflix doesn’t list all of the available titles under their preset categories, and they don’t all appear when you search a genre either. Which means, there is a ton of shit you’ve probably never seen before that you didn’t even know was hidden.

So, this isn’t just a guide for great new Netflix stand-up specials to watch, it’s also a guide to some less recent comedy gems you may have missed entirely.

For the complete list of codes to unlock all the hidden titles across different genres, check out the Code Bible.

Sam Jay

3 in the Morning (2020)

 Netflix | screenshot

James Acaster

Repertoire (2018)

 Netflix | screenshot

W. Kamau Bell

Private School Negro (2018)

 Netflix | screenshot

Eric Andre

Legalize Everything (2020)

 Netflix | screenshot

Hannah Gadsby

Douglas (2020)

 Netflix | screenshot

Gina Yashere

Laughing to America (2013)

 Netflix | screenshot

Lucas Brothers

On Drugs (2017)

 Netflix | screenshot

Judah Friedlander

America is the Greatest Country in the United States (2017)

 Netflix | screenshot

Russell Brand

Re:Birth (2018)

 Netflix | screenshot

Bo Burnham

Make Happy (2016)

 Netflix | screenshot

Leslie Jones

Time Machine (2020)

 Netflix | screenshot