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This is a major problem for the Apple HomePod

Image: apple Apple announce that it will finally be releasing a home speaker to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home. A little late, but with Apple’s logo on it, it should become a permanent piece in the homes of Apple fans. Mashable referred to the product as the “Siri-powered Amazon Echo killer,” but while the thing actually sounds pretty cool, there is one major issue with the home assistant that is not a problem for the Home or Echo. SEE ALSO: Forget OLED Apple’s reportedly already working on the next generation of display tech No, it’s not the $349 price tag or that it’s powered by Siri it’s the design. The HomePod is covered in cloth mesh and looks like a very expensive cat scratcher, and as a cat owner, I can tell you that my pets would definitely try scratching one given the opportunity. oh no darth: (@darth) June 5, 2017 HomePod is going to be the most expensive scratching post my cat has ever had. Jessie Char (@jessiechar) June 5, 2017 How many Genius Bar appointments will begin with “My cat thought this was a scratching post” come this December?#WWDC17 #HomePod Creative Rants (@Creative_Rants) June 5, 2017 Apple’s #HomePod is a $350 cat scratching post. Seriously, if the sound quality is great, it could be worth the money for Apple fanatics. Rob Segal (@robcsegal)...

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This Mom’s Post About Sex After Kids Is So True, And So Funny

Sex after kids isn’t impossible, but it certainly is a challenge. Aside from dealing with the logistics of having little ones in the house, it’s also difficult to feel sexy after a long day of caregiving. When my kids finally go to sleep at night, for example, romance is usually the last thing on my mind. What I really crave is a nice glass of wine and some time to myself! That said, it’s important to set aside time for our partners. This mom tried to arrange a steamy shower date with her husband, but what ended up happening...

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Jerry Seinfeld replaces Vin Diesel in fantastic ‘Fate of the Furious’ spoof

BTW Just when Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel thoughtthey were out of the car heist game for good, an unexpected player reelsthem back in. His name is Jerry Seinfeld. The Fate of the Furious made a record-breaking $532.5 millionat the box office on opening weekend, and someone over at Funny Or Die asked an important question: How could this movie possibly get any bigger? The answer, it turns out, is a certain comedian with a long-running webseries about cars. It may sound like an uncanny pairing, but this full-length mashup trailer begs to differ: Doesn’t matter if it’s anexploding helicopter or a side of lox, these guys are ready foranything. H/T Rare Read...

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