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WAT – All Your Base Are Belong To Us or Beat To A Jelly?

North Korea threat: Pentagon says ready to ‘fight tonight,’ as Trump shows bomber pics Published August 11, 2017 – Fox News Published August 11, 2017 Fox News Trump on North Korea: Military solutions are locked in place Pentagon officials told Fox News on Friday that the U.S. military stands ready to “fight tonight” on the Korean Peninsula, as President Trump said the U.S. is “locked and loaded” and retweeted images from U.S. Pacific Command showing B-1B Lancer bombers on Guam. At the same time, a North Korean state news agency statement warned that “even a single shell dropped on the...

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Road Rage: Elderly Texan in Prius Opens Fire after Someone Flips Him Off

by BOB PRICE21 Jun 2017 Palo Pinto, TX Police in central Texas arrested the driver of a Toyota Prius after he allegedly fired shots at another vehicle. The road rage incident occurred after the other driver reportedly flipped off the Prius driver. Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call from a couple reporting shots being fired at their car. The incident occurred just outside the sheriff’s office and deputies heard the shots as well. “They just happened to be coming down the main highway into the law enforcement center,” Sheriff Brett McGuire told the Mineral Wells Index. “Obviously,...

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North Carolina burglary fail: Would-be burglar beaten by resident

By Fox 46 Published June 21, 2017 • Fox News Carolina beach reportedly ended up getting into a fight with the resident. Scott Hettinger with the Carolina Beach Police Department tells WECT-TV they found the suspect, John Alexander Bracken, laying in the front yard of the home after being called out on a breaking and entering. Officers determined that Bracken had kicked in the front door of the home, only to find the resident inside. That’s when the resident started beating the suspect to protect his property, according to WWAY-TV. The resident was not injured. Bracken was taken to the...

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