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Sloths Arent Lazy Their Slowness Is A Survival Skill

Conventional wisdom has it that sloths are simple, lazy creatures that do very little other than sleep all day. Even the very name sloth in most languages translates as some version of lazy. It seems astonishing that such an animal survives in the wild at all. In 1749, French naturalist Georges Buffon was the first to describe the creature in his encyclopedia of life sciences, saying: Slowness, habitual pain, and stupidity are the results of this strange and bungled conformation. These sloths are the lowest form of existence. One more defect would have made their lives impossible. Given such...

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Video of alleged rape angers many and raises questions in violent Mexican state

A student was suspended after a tape of the alleged sex assault was released, and the victims mother said at least one perpetrator is the son of a state politician A private university in the violence-plagued Mexican state of Veracruz has suspended a student who allegedly helped tape sex scenes that the victim claims were rape, an incident that had fed complaints the government is ignoring sexual abuses by the offspring of the rich and powerful. The Veracruz branch of Mexico Valley University said the suspended student allegedly made or distributed a video showing a grinning man apparently having...

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17 Funny And Beautiful Cat Markings That Prove They’ll Always Be Prettier Than Us

There’s no denying that cats are pretty gorgeous critters. They just look so serious and fierce! Although cats without markings are stunning, there’s something so cute and unique about kitties rocking unusual patterns. To celebrate that uniqueness, here are 17 crazy-coated felines in all their fashionable glory. 1. Cat or panda? You decide. Imgur / bangbangwooooooooooooo 2. We already know who’s number one in this house. Imgur / kramlite 3. We mustache you who’s the cutest kitty of them all? Facebook / Hamilton the Hipster Cat 4. Sometimes its okay to be a bit two-faced. Facebook / Venus the...

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Royal rejection: naturalised Canadians recant oath of allegiance to Queen

Taking their lead from a 2014 court decision, an increasing number of people are disavowing their pledge to the monarch, a subject on which Canadians are split On a rainy afternoon in Montreal, Lorraine Harrilal sporting a 2008 Barack Obama campaign T-shirt and a shawl that paid tribute to Canadas Aboriginal peoples held up her right hand alongside 20 others and took the oath to become a new Canadian. Minutes later she broke away from the group to carry out her first act as a Canadian citizen, handing a letter to the officiating judge that recanted 25 of the...

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Chris Noth on ‘Sex and the City’s’ Mr. Big: ‘We told that story’

Though there have long been rumors that another “Sex and the City” film is in the works, Chris Noth may not have an interest in participating. The actor who played Mr. Big on the HBO series and subsequent films recently told Us Weekly he’s not sure there’s much left to say about his character. “I feel like we told that story,” he explained to the magazine. I dont think theres anything left for me to say about that. I want to tell other stories. While The Good Wife actor may want to escape from being remembered as Carrie Bradshaws...

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